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May 03, 2009


Ms. Smyers --

I concur with Peter's concerns. I am astounded that you are unwilling to have a real discussion about alternative uses for Brown's Chapel Park which might be more in line with what it was always intended to be -- recreational open space.

It would be one thing if there was a compelling public need which could only be satisfied at this site, but we all know that is not the case. The RA and RCC have not even attempted to find out if there in fact is a need -- other than by listening to a very small group of people who want all of us to pay so they can play subsidized indoor tennis. I'm not sure you could have identified a use which would be more inefficient in terms of space and capital than indoor tennis, even if you had tried.

I was a moderate on this issue when it first came to my attention, and was convinced that in a fair and open process the RA and RCC would come to the conclusion that this use made no sense on any level -- except to the small group which wants to play tennis and swim at below market rates (according to your own study). However, I am increasingly becoming a militant, and I am becoming so because of the arrogance of the posture being adopted by the leadership of the RA and the RCC.

Your process is an insult to the intelligence of the community you are supposed to serve, and your intended outcome would be an outrage. You have an opportunity to demonstrate real leadership and bring the community together behind an intelligent and forward-looking plan for this open space, but you are squandering it.

I am unable to attend the May 18th hearing, but will be submitting something in writing for the record. I would appreciate if you could forward me instructions on how to submit written testimony for the record.

Thank you.

Kevin Payne

Dear Kevin
All of this communication is being retained for our records of the public engagement part of this process. You may direct comments you want entered as a statement for RCC meetings to [email protected]. This email below or any other may be provided for the RCC Board of Governors Finance Committee meeting on May 18 at the above email address, as well as from my email address. Additionally, you may mail a written statement to the Board of Governors, Reston Community Center, 2310 Colts Neck Rd., Reston, Virginia, 20191 if you like or in the alternative to your email. It would be helpful to make it to the attention of myself, or our Executive Assistant, Denise Snyder.
Thank you as always for your input.
Leila Gordon
Executive Director
Reston Community Center

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